Build Bigger Biceps with Spider Curls

Spider curls work the part of your bicep that most exercises miss. Many lifters are hitting the same parts of the biceps over and over and are leaving out or under stimulating other parts.

When you are training your biceps, just doing some more reps and sets won’t cut it. You need to hit both the short head and long head of the biceps in order to properly trigger muscles.

This is where spider curls come in as the last …

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How to Master The Floor Press

A floor press is a strength training exercise that you are likely to see in any weight room. It looks very impressive, but it can be tough on the shoulders. It’s important to do this exercise correctly. Not only to prevent injury, but also so that you can actually feel the exercise in your chest.

In this article, we’ll go over how to do a floor press effectively to build up strength in your chest and arms. 

What Is A

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Hip Adduction Exercises

If there’s one exercise at the local gym that makes you blush and avoid eye contact, it’s the hip adduction exercises. However, these machines work a very important part of your body that often goes overlooked and untouched by most other lower body workouts. 

Even if there isn’t an abduction machine at your local gym (or you’d rather avoid looking down at the ground or ceiling while using the equipment), there are other hip adduction exercises you can perform, both …

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