Does Walking For Weight Loss Really Work?

walking for weight loss

Walking for weight loss does work as long as long as you’re not consuming more calories than you burned. When it comes to weight loss you probably have visions of hardcore cardio and extreme weight lifting in mind.

 After all, you need to blast through hundreds of calories at a time in order to burn the fat and obtain the body you’re desiring, right? While these are all great ways to burn calories, you don’t always need to go to …

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Weighted Push Ups

Weighted push ups

Weighted push ups are a great way for you to add extra resistance and build more strength in your chest. You have access to some of the best body defining and toning exercises all without ever stepping foot into a gym.

The push-up is as old as it comes when it comes to workout out. Your ability to take advantage of your body’s weight and transform it into a chest, shoulder, back, and arm building working means you have a …

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